Moon Children By Moroni

A race of semi-wolf, semi-bird people who are said to be the servants of Masser and Secunda, and it is said that their High Priests can actually talk to them. The men have black and red feathers (on wings and tail) and the women have gold and red feathers(on wings and tail). To make this mod, I used resources from McAsmod's Werewolf mod and Sabregirl's Tartaran mod.

Bards of Vvardenfell By Mode_Locrian
This mod fleshes out the Bard class (well, any player character can learn to play music in the mod, regardless of class) by offering both role-playing and practical features. There are nine different songs that can be learned via various quests, as well as several side-quests. Each song is an original composition of approximately one minute in length and can have several benefits. First, when played correctly, the songs have various magical effects--charming NPCs, calming attacking enemies, increasing your stats and more. Second, as your music skill increases, you can perform in taverns and make money. The amount of money that you can make will depend on your skill and the "quality" of the tavern in which you are playing (i.e. you can make more money in fancier taverns, though they may not let you perform unless you have enough skill).

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