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This mod offers a balanced regeneration for vampires based on their blood level from Vampiric Hunger. In addition it changes the blood vials from Vampire Realism to store a dynamic amount of blood instead of the previous static 45 points. This mod was designed to be used together with the no-health-restore feature from Vampire Realism, which prevents the vampire player to use restore health spells and potions. In short, you are a piece of undead meat, but with some inherent blood magic.

The emphasis of above desciption is the word "balanced". The regeneration of this mod is not overly strong and fast, degenerates quickly when your blood level is low and depends on your age as vampire: Don't expect a freshly turned leech to regenerate at all, regeneration will come slowly once you get older.

Overall if used together with the no-health-restore feature, this will make the game more difficult and some tough fights, like the final Aktheron quest from Suran Underworld, neigh impossible. However, I found unlife without any health restoration somewhat too difficult, so I wanted a small regeneration rate to balance it better. The regeneration is not strong enough to offset damage during combat, when you need lots of health fast. In those situations, you need to rely on your absorb health spells.

New in 1.2:

In addition to the normal regeneration, which does not reduce blood, there is a spell "Vampiric Regeneration", which will double the regeneration rate and half the speed, resulting in a 4x regeneration. The spell will also drain your blood rapidly, so you cannot keep this enabled for long. The spell is a toggle, just cast it to turn the feature on or off.

If you feel the rapid regeneration is unbalancing the game, you can disable this feature in the console: set ps_no_rapid_regen to 1 (0 = feature enabled, 1 = disabled, default: 0)

The spell is added when you load the game the first time with this mod. Should you disable the rapid regeneration feature, the spell will be removed the next time you load your game. Or just forget the spell the usual way. Should you enable the feature again after disabling and forgetting the spell, the spell will be added on the next game load again. While this is slightly cumbersome, I kept the spell add/remove code out of the constantly running script for performance reasons, as I assume the player will not frequently change this setting.


- Vampire Realism II - Vampire Embrace 2.4 - Vampiric Hunger III

This mod must load after above listed mods.


1.2 - Added rapid regeneration spell. 1.1 - Fixed a bug with the VR vials when you had more than one empty vial in your inventory

   - No regeneration in werewolf form

1.0 - Initial release

(Taken from Vampiric Regeneration readme)

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