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Features (Vampiric Hunger Base)

Requires Vampire Embrace 2.3.

Compatible with Vampire Realism 2.3 and Bloodlines.

When you are a vampire you have a blood level, when the blood level reaches 0 you will become hungry for blood.

When you are hungry first your fatigue will decrease faster which gets worse over time. Then your clan specific abilities will start to decrease and after this if you still don't feed you will loose health, but this won't kill you.

To feed you can use either Vampire Embrace's "Blood Drinking" dialog, Vampire Embrace's combat feeding, your self made blood potions (see below) and rats.

When you first become a vampire (or install this mod) you will be a newbie vampire so you will become hungry very soon and you will have to drink a lot of blood. So you will have to feed 4 times a day and drink 15 times from your victim at once. But as the days move on you will become hungry later and later, so after 90 days (by default) you will have to feed only 1 times a day. And after 1500 drinks (which approximately requires 90 days) you will have to drink only 5 times from your victim at once.

Drinking from your vampire children blood will give you ability bonuses for a period of time.

Drinking blood also restores a little magicka.

It is possible to store your victim's blood and create potions so when you become hungry you can use your blood potions to feed. You can buy empty glass bottles from the new merchant in your clan's headquarters in 3 different sizes: tube, retort, bottle but first you will have to complete your first vampire quest to gain the right to shop.

To fill a glass bottle you will have to make your victim a thrall, slave or a vampire child first and use the new "Blood stocking" dialog to fill one of the empty glass bottles. You will also need an equipped and raised dagger to do this. Note that your victim will loose health and you can't fill the larger glass bottles if he/she hasn't got enough health. You can't kill your victim this way.

When you drink a blood potion your blood level will increase depending from the potion's size but your abilities won't get restored but they won't get worse. To restore your abilities you will have to drink fresh blood.

When you are a vampire rats won't attack you and you can use them for feeding. They will only restore very little blood.

You will get new vampiric spells. Some spells will require that you live a certain amount of days as a vampire, while some spell will require to cast it's previous level spell a certain amount of times. The vampire spells are based on John W. Martin's Vampire Upgrade mod which is based on Daggerfall's vampire spells. (I wasn't able to contact him and ask permission since there was no contact information in the readme but I put his name in the credits section. I hope he won't get angry.) Some of the spells' name are now different. And the clan specific powers are not powers anymore; they are now vampire blood spells. Vampire blood spells don't require magicka but they will decrease your blood level real fast. See the Developer Notes page for more information about these spells and how to obtain them.

When you are a vampire you will get hurt from the sunlight. The damage is scripted and it's damage is dependent from the hour and weather. By default sunlight kills real fast. There is a visual fire effect when you are burning. This is the same old effect from Vampiric Hunger 2.

You can buy real expensive goblets from the merchants who sell you glass bottles and blood potions. These goblets contain ancient blood. Drinking ancient blood will fully restore you, remove every negative effect that comes from your blood hunger and will also give you complete protection from the sun for an entire day.

There is a new visual effect when you die. The player disappears and a black skeleton dies.

There are one small Molag Bal statue in each vampire headquarter. After you completed the last vampire clan quest you gain the right to use them to restore your attributes and skills.

There is a configuration menu for Vampiric Hunger that allows you to disable/enable and modify all of it's features. You can open the configuration menu with the StartScript VH_Setup console command.

--- NEW IN VERSION 1.1 ---

Now vampire blood bonuses are also gained when drinking from a vampire in combat.

There is a message that will warn you to take cover one hour before dawn.

Drinking blood will also restore fatigue.

--- NEW IN VERSION 1.2 ---

Now fully compatible with Vampire Embrace 2.4.

Some minor bugfixes.

It is now possible to create Vampiric Hunger compatible custom vampire clan mods. There is an example file, called VH Clan included that shows how to do it.

Vampires will now get a water breathing ability on the fifth day. In the Vivec, Puzzle Canal, Center cell this ability gets temproray disabled. So it won't cause problems.

There is a new blood magic which is usefull to boost the attack and defense of your companions. The spell also becomes stronger as you use it.

This version works with Galsiah's Character Development. You don't need the VH patch which was included with GCD anymore.

Features (Vampiric Hunger Extended)

Requires Vampiric Hunger Base.

The Vampiric Hunger Extended mod contains all of the features that wasn't possible to do without modifying Vampire Embrace a little. In my opinion these are the best features of the mod.

When you are a vampire people won't know that. They will speak with you, barter with you just like you would be a mortal human but this will eventually change (see below).

It is now possible to force blood from your victim in dialog mode. You won't have to convince him/her to do this but you will need to use your Vampire Dazzle or Vampire Charm Mortal spell on him/her before you feed and you also have to do this when nobody sees you. Otherwise you will get attacked either by your victim or from anyone who sees you doing this. Moreover if you are higher level than your victim and nobody else sees you you don't even need to use your vampire spells on him/her but this way your vampire existence will get exposed.

It is possible to hide from others when you drink, stock blood or embrace somebody when you have 50 pts or more chameleon spell on you.

You will be able to force stocking blood from NPCs who are 15 levels lower than you and you used your Vampire Dazzle or Charm Mortal spell on them.

When you fail to convince a mortal to give you blood or you fail to force feeding or you embrace a mortal or burn from the sunlight when others see you there is a high chance that your vampiric status will become well known in the area. When you become a known vampire everybody will handle you like that but you can still persuade to talk with everybody just like in Vampire Embrace.

As I said you will only become a known vampire in the area you have failed to hide your vampiric existence. This means that you can still go to other areas/towns and the people there won't know that you are a vampire. People will also forget that you are a vampire after 30 days but this is adjustable. The script is almost the same I used in the Regionally Known Werewolves mod.

--- NEW IN VERSION 1.1 ---

Large drink option is added to force feeding.

Features (Vampiric Hunger - Bloodlines patch)

Requires Vampiric Hunger Base.

Makes the Nasgiel Armor compatible with Vampiric Hunger.

Features (Vampiric Hunger - Suran Underworld patch)

Requires Vampiric Hunger Base.

Makes the SunShield Amulet compatible with Vampiric Hunger.

Features (Vampiric Hunger MGE Addon) (New in Vampiric Hunger III v1.2)

Requires Vampiric Hunger Base and Morrowind Graphics Extender

Adds two fullscreen pixel shader effect to the screen: A normal one when the player is hungry and a more fuzzier looking one when really hungry.

Adds a new HUD element, a blood meter, that shows your actual blood level.

The addon will randomize your movement keys when your blood level is empty, but only if you enable this function.

(Taken from Vampiric Hunger readme.)


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