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A MWSE mod to report the bloodlevel from Vampiric Hunger III by Zennorious on a customizable keystroke.


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While the latest Vampiric Hunger III includes the fancy MGE bloodmeter, I had various problems with MGE and eventually gave up running MGE. However, I missed a possibility to quickly check my bloodlevel other than right-click, menumode, locate the bloodlevel spelleffect icon and read the tooltip. So I wrote this tiny mod which lets you press a key ('b' by default) and a message like "Bloodlevel: High" will appear.

If you are using the MGE Bloodmeter, this mod is obviously not needed. It is meant for people who - like me - cannot get MGE working properly, for whatever reason.

The key is customizable. Change it with: set ps_bloodreport_keycode to # (default 66)

The number means the virtual keycode. If you are like me, you might be too lazy to search for a keycode table on the net, so I added a little mechanism to figure out keycodes from within the game: set ps_bloodreport_keycode to 0 Press any desired key and you will be told the keycode. Remember this value and then do: set ps_bloodreport_keycode to <that value>

The keydetection script is constantly running. To avoid affecting performance, there is a delay between each keytest. The delay is by default 15 frames. You can customize it by: set ps_bloodreport_counter to # (default 15) As lower, as faster and higher performance penalty. The penalty is really low as the script does not much, but it still simply doesn't need to run every frame. Use this setting to configure a speed which meets your demands. 15 frames looks reasonable to me.

(Taken from VH Bloodreport readme)

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