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Control following behaviour of your Vampire Embrace companions with a single keystroke. Tell your children, thralls and slaves to follow you, stay where they are or wander around without the need to open dialog.

Installation & Requirements

Requires: Vampire Embrace 2.4 (but older versions should work as well) MWSE 0.92 (latest version as of creating this mod)

This mod must load after Vampire Embrace. Load order to other vampire related mods is irrelevant.


Pressing the 'c' key will toggle all vampire companions in the current cell through the sequence follow - wander - stay. Pressing Sneak & 'c' will only affect the NPC in your crosshair, or do nothing if there is no NPC targetted.

You can easily change the 'c' key to any other key you desire using the following procedure:

- Console "set ps_ve_keycode to 0" - Press the desired key - Read the number from the message you are shown - Console "set ps_ve_keycode to <that number>

Pressing the key won't show instant reaction. This mod was written so it does not affect FPS, hence there is a small delay. No need to check the keypress every frame. To avoid freezes, the loop through all NPCs in the cell only checks one NPC per frame, so it will take up to some seconds until all your companions changed their behaviour. This is intentional and was done to avoid performance problems. So keep your finger off the key, just tap it once and wait until it shows reaction.

Children and thralls only react if they like you enough and are not higher level than you. This basically mirrors the behaviour of the Blood drinker/ thrall company dialogs from Vampire Embrace. Victims will react regardless of level and disposition (this was fixed for version 1.1).

When you load the game the first time with this mod activated, you will get a control ring. Equip it and it allows you to configure which group of vampire companions is affected: Children, thralls, slaves or any combination of those. It also lets you disable or enable the whole mod. If you don't plan to drag some VE companions with you, then just disable this mod using the ring. No need to run the keypress script when you are not using it anyways. Once you need it, turn it on again.

Please note the mod won't automatically start when you turn into a vampire. Either wait until you load the game (not that Morrowind doesn't help you by crashing now and then...) or do in the console: "startscript ps_ve_startup". This is exactly the script which runs when the game loads. Should you get the cure - well, in theory... who would want to? :-), then simply uninstall this mod. It won't stop itself. I opted to skip a check for this to keep the scripts fast and short, as getting the cure is probably not very common, at least in my game.

Update notes

Just replacing the esp and running the savegame through Wyre Mash should work in most cases. If you get crashes using the mod after an upgrade, make sure the last savegame with the old mod has the control disabled (use the ring). Then open the savegame with the details list in the construction set and set the Ignore flag on all ps_ve_xxx scripts. MWSE scripts seem to be a bit fickle when updating and the script state is stored in the savegame.

If you update from 1.1 to 1.2, Wyre Mash "Repair All" will remove a global variable ps_ve_follow, which is fine. I moved this into one script as local in version 1.2.


1.2 - Changed behaviour when sneak key pressed: Only affect the current

     NPC in your crosshair
   - Moved a global variable into the script as local

1.1 - Bugfix: Ignore level and disposition checks for victims

   - Reduced delays in the NPC loop a bit more to speed up things

1.0 - Initial release

(Taken from VE Companion Control readme) Information and Download