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Inspired by AlienSlofs Basil stories, this mod allows your vampire character to distinguish the clan of other vampires by their scent. This ability is part of a vampires blood magic and comes at no cost. It will happen automatically once you are in the vicinity of other vampires and requires no special action.

This mod will work on any NPC vampire added by mods, as long as those NPCs use the default Vampire_Aundae/Berne/Quarra scripts. If the NPC comes with own scripts, this mod will not detect their clan. For convinience, special versions which add checks for vampires added by Vampire Realism II and Morrowind Comes Alive are provided.

There is an optional MWSE add-on which lets detect the scent of the NPC in your crosshair when you press a key. By default this is the 'o' key, but you can change that easily (see below). With this installed, you still get the original automatic messages from the base mod, but can additionally trigger a manual smell action on a selected NPC.


There are different esp versions available, install ONE depending on your mod setup:

ScentOfBlood.esp - If you are running neither Morrowind Comes Alive (MCA) nor Vampire Realism (VR) ScentOfBlood_VR.esp - If you are running VR but not MCA ScentOfBlood_MCA.esp - If you are running MCA but not VR ScentOfBlood_MCA_VR.esp - If you are running MCA and VR

Do not install the MCA-VR patch, it will break this mod. The file has to load after Vampire Realism (and after MCA, but MCA is an esm anyways).

Optional: ScentOfBlood_MWSE_AddOn.esp This file is meant to be installed additional to one of the above, load it after one of the ScentOfBlood base files.


All ScentOfBlood base files allow the following customization in-game:

set ps_sob_ext_dist to # Sets the maximum distance to discover the scent in exteriors Default: 2500

set ps_sob_int_dist to # Sets the maximum distance to discover the scent in interiors Default: 1000

The MWSE addon additionally allows to configure the key which triggers the smell action: set ps_sob_keycode to # The number is the virtual keycode. Default: 79 ('o' key) Note: If you want to change the key and want to test quickly which key has which keycode, set the variable to 0 (zero) and press the key you want to check. The script will output the keycode for the pressed key. Now set the variable to this number.


Morrowind only. The MCA version of course requires Morrowind Comes Alive, and the VR version Vampire Realism II. The VR version only requires Vampire Realism II.esp, but will work fine together with the VR Tribunal and Bloodmon add-ons.

The MWSE Addon requires a Tribunal or Bloodmoon patched game (but the .esms don't need to be checked), and MWSE 0.92 (latest version at the time of creating this mod).


1.2 - Added support code for new Diablerie mod. 1.1 - Added optional MWSE addon

   - Fixed possible crash when disposing a vampire corpse

1.0 - Initial release

(Taken from Scent of Blood readme)

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