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Do you remember Necessities of Morrowind? If you don’t… shame on you! :P It’s a mod that adds to the game the need to eat and drink for your character. That is, if you have food and water in your inventory you will automatically "eat" them twice a day. If you don’t, you’ll have increasing penalties the more time you stay without food and water. Obviously, eating and drinking will eliminate the penalties. You can also get drunk by drinking alcoholic stuff: the original liqueurs in the game, of course, but also wine and beer. Drinking too much will give you increasing penalties.

Here are the new additions to the 2.0 version:

  1. Perfectly seamless game experience: the mod looks like a part of the original game. Install the mod and forget it!
  2. New ingredients and tools!
  3. Added the need to sleep at least 6 hours per night, and increasing penalties for each night without sleep.
  4. Learn and cook more than 40 Vvardenfell and foreign recipes, including saltrice porridge, Cyrodiil fish and crab omelette!
  5. New npcs, books and quests, perfectly integrated in Vvardenfell lore!
  6. Larger variety of merchants: fishermen, bakers, imperial food traders...
  7. Customizable configuration scripts to fit your gamestyle!
  8. Special settings for Vampires and Werewolves!
  9. Various bugs fixed!

Since it modifies several aspects of the game and all the changes it makes are strictly connected, we strongly suggest that you run Necessities of Morrowind 2.0 as the last mod in the load order. The easiest way to do this is to open it with TESAME or the TES Construction Set and save it without making changes.

(Taken from Necessities of Morrowind home page.)

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Nymeria & Taddeus' Internet Hideout, home of NOM. Includes description, screenshots and download.