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"Quick of wit and fast on their feet, these agile creatures are suited for land or air. Somewhat elusive, Meadow Fae depend on their security and magical skills to keep them out of trouble. If found, the meadow fae can prove to be a very well versed and cheery sort. Meadow Fae prefer to go unarmored for faster flight, and marksman skills suit the flying fairies well."

The meadow fae are a race inspired by fairies. They are slightly shorter then wood elves. The race has different wings for the male and female variants of the race. The females are pale and petite, with delicately placed leaves and flowers on their bodies. The males are brown and green with permanent underwear. The race uses the seamless Better Bodies meshes, but no files are required from that mod. 8 female heads and 3 male heads are included with many hairs. Vampire heads have been included, and you can also choose to play those heads as a non-vampire.

A class and birth sign are also included.

A shop that you are welcome to call home is also included. The shop sells:

-A wig for vampire female characters -Several variants on a rose arm wrap shield -Better Bodies dresses designed for the meadow fae -A cape -Several pairs of wings -Pants and shorts -A few loincloths and tops

To find the shop, speak to Willow in Arrille's Trade House, Seyda Neen. The shop is a nice under-hill house, with gentle music and butterflies.

(Taken from Korana's web page.)

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