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This plug-in adds Lilarcor+3, the "intelligent", talking sword from Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn. He's located in Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen, propped up against the wall near the entrance to the shop. I was pretty ticked when I found out you couldn't upgrade the only talking sword in BGII, so this time he is (he-he!). Not only does he become a bigger, badder-assed weapon that can compete with the other big-dog weapons in Morrowind, but his leveling up adds some longevity to his use and gives the Player some entertainment while they work on that LongBlade skill. (ie: I didn't want this to be a another mod that a Player would run, say "hey, that's nice", and then unload.)

(Being a D&D weapon from an Interplay game, in a Bethesda game, plus referencing movies & other games for quotes, and the Conan The Barbarian mood music... This sword has got to be the biggest damn copyright infringement I have ever seen...and I'm damn proud of it!)

New in 3.0

  • Plugin now works with Morrowind patched to v1.2.0722 (United States patch). I re-worked Lil using pure v1.2.0722 patched Morrowind, without Tribunal or Blood Moon installed.
  • Lil upgrades faster in 3.0 (about twice as fast...v2-0 needed 1300+ xp to max to lv8, v3-0 only needs 700). I did this so folks who used him before wouldn't find it too tedious to level him up again.
  • When you add Lil to your inventory, he adds a spell you can cast called "Summon Lilarcor's Spirit". Casting this spell lets you adjust his options:

- Toggle his "mood music" on/off (heh-heh!). Basically starts up a looping sound file that plays as constant, looping "music" while the normal Explore, Battle, etc music is silenced using a repeating "silence" music file. Good new is, in doing this, I figured out you can use mp3's as Sound ID's. Also, because the mood music is a sound file instead of a vocalization by the Player, the mood music can play while Lil banters at the same time (bitchin'!) The bad news is, because the "music" loop sound file is tagged to the Player (IE: Player->PlayLoopSound3d, <soundID>), so if you go underwater, it sounds all muddled (because it's a 3d sound). It actually sounds kinda cool underwater, but the transition between above and under water is annoying. There isn't a non-3d sound looping function, so this is the best I can do. But, since it was a challenge just to get it to work like this, I feel it's a small annoyance to suffer.

- "Chatter" options (implemented this due to popular, uh, "demand" that is, heh-heh). Select the one you want to make him shut up or talk during combat and/or non-combat. This doesn't effect adding him to inventory, repairing him, equipping him, etc. So he'll still talk on occasion even if you've told him to shut up in both combat & idle.

- Lil's now a "Bastard Sword", and you can change how you wield him. If he's currently a 2-hander, he switches to a 1-Hander, and vice-versa. Both use LongBlade skill, but the 1-handed version is slower (by .2 speed) and weaker (only does 2/3 dmg) then the 2-handed version of same level. 1-handed, he's still above par for long swords, though. I did this because I noticed somebody (can't remember name off-hand, sorry), made a 1-handed version of the Lil mod. So, I figured folks would like this. It was a pain trying to implement it, but it works out quite well.

New in 4.1

  • You can summon Lilarcor's phantom by casting his "Summon Lilarcor's Spirit" spell, and then selecting "Summon/Unsummon phantom" in the menu. You get the "Summon Lilarcor's Spirit" spell automatically added to your spell list when you pick up Lil. IF you put Lil down, you lose the spell. However, if you summon his phantom, he disappears from your pack and his phantom appears to kick-ass with you. With the phantom active, you still have the "Summon Lilarcor's Spirit" spell available to set options with. You can also *talk* to Lilarcor's Phantom and set some options through his dialogue.
  • Once active, you can deactivate the phantom by either talking to him and telling Lil to get back in your pack, or casting the "Summon Lilarcor's Spirit" spell again and selecting to "Summon/Unsummon phantom" in the menu. Either way, the phantom will disappear, and the properly "handed" & levelled version of Lil you were using before you summoned his phantom will return to your pack. (IE: If you were using a lv1, 1-handed Lil when you summoned his phantom, then when you unsummon his phantom, Lil will come back to your pack as 1-handed. If Lil levelled up while in phantom mode, he'll return 1-handed as the proper level. Likewise if you were using him 2-handed, he'll come back as 2-handed of the proper level.)
  • As you can tell by that previous statement, Lilarcor *can* gain xp & level himself up in Phantom-mode. When he's in combat, if he gets enough xp, he'll inform you that he has enough xp to level. Then, when you and him find some idle time away from combat, he'll level up. Not only does his sword-form upgrade, but his phantom form auto-adjusts his stats to become better when Lil upgrades as well. So, phantom Lil will not only be more powerful sword-wise, but more effective skill wise, too.
  • Phantom constantly checks Player's Speed & Athletics, and sets his own to x3 that of Player's so he can keep up. Phantom attack, sneak & defense skills are based on what level Lil is at the moment (naturally). The phantom gets +15 skill per level, so lv1=15, lv2=30, etc, etc. At lv8, phantom has 120 skill in attack, sneak & block (IE: phantom kicks buku ass).
  • If you get more then 1500 distance units away from the phantom, he deactivates and creates a new one of himself near you. This is good in case he gets lost, gets stuck, or gets gung-ho about killing something when you're trying to run off.
  • If you fly or levitate, phantom automatically deactivates & returns the appropriate handedness/level of Lil to your pack. (NPC's don't levitate or fly in regular Morrowind, although they can in Tribunal. I don't have Tribunal, so I solved the problem this way).
  • If you water-walk, phantom will water-walk. When yours turns off, so will phantom's.
  • Phantom can breath under water, so he won't drown when you go deep-sea diving.
  • Phantom shrugs off Player hits, and won't attack Player if getting "friendly fire". (Unfortunately, though, other NPC's seeing you beat up on phantom Lil will make them report it as a "crime". I'm not sure how to work around this, so try not to use him as a punching bag too much.)
  • Phantom is 100% resistant to magic, disease, blight, corprus, shock, normal weapons, etc, so he won't get messed up by such stuff. Plus, phantom's Health/Fatigue are restored to 1000 each time his script runs through. So even if he gets whacked on, he shrugs it off and won't die (and you won't have to heal/resurrect him). However, on the remote chance that he *does* die somehow, phantom will deactivate and return proper handedness/level of Lil to Player's pack. (IE: He's pretty damn self-sufficient.)
  • Phantom's disposition automatically resets to 100 each time his script runs through, so even if Player taunts, intimidates or fails bribing him during dialogue & disposition ends up 0, he'll reset it & still like you. (There's no reason to bribe, intimidate, taunt or admire him, so I'm not sure why you'd be doing it. Only reason those options are still available in his Dialogue is because I didn't know of any way to switch them "off" to not show up for phantom.)
  • Phantom Lil "sheathes" himself (his sword) after combat's over. As such, I knew some loop-hole sniffing Player would see what happens when you pick the phantom's pocket. Well, if you do it in the sight of other NPC's, they seem to think it's a crime (I'm not sure how to turn this off). But, you *can* pick the phantoms pocket and take Lilarcor back. If you do, phantom will deactivate, and you'll end up with a 2-handed version of whatever level Lil is currently at (since Lil's phantom *always* uses himself 2-handed...naturally!)
  • As part of the "not just cool, but functional, too!" category, Phantom has a "Toggle Phantom Flames" option that you can select in dialogue with him. Doing so will make him light up (literally!) and cast light (15 magnitude) around him. Telling him to toggle a second time will make him "douse" himself and the light.
  • Phantom is "refreshed" upon cell changes (and if you get more then 1500 away from it), so you don't have to worry about repairing Lilarcor when he's in phantom mode.

Note 1, fire doesn't go out in water, so he's a good bodyguard AND night-light when you go deep-sea diving, heh-heh!

Note 2, for those of you thinking "hey, make him play a sound like he's on fire when he's lit up!" Well, I originally did, but when he's following you around and the fire noise is constantly crackling in your ear, it covers over other sounds you may be listening for and it just gets plain annoying. So, I turned it off. The lines of code are still in the Lil_Actor_Script, just need to be uncommented if you want him to make fire sound so bad when he lights up.

(Taken from Lilarcor Readmes)

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