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This project aims to replace all the generic dialogue in Morrowind with more interesting and engaging conversations. We want every NPC in every town, village, or camp to have his or her own personality and back story. We have decided to approach this mod town by town, and release each one when it is finished.

We will ultimately replace the dialogue for every NPC in Vvardenfell, and so far we have completed six towns and a big city. The big city we are talking about is Ald'ruhn, the main headquarters of House Redoran. It is actually the largest single mod we will release, since we are going to do Vivec one canton at a time. This mod is the biggest dialogue mod ever released, containing over 3000 responses for 250 topics, and is equivalent to 500+ MSWord pages. Moreover, it has 30 quests for you to enjoy. To learn more about other features, visit the downloads page and get the mod, which is packed into a small 250KB archive, not being a problem for the slowest connections out there. Our latest mod, Pelagiad, is no worse than Ald'ruhn in quality, and a powerful rival in quantity, having 200+ pages of dialogues, 20 quests, and absolutely stunning characters, which we promise you'll remember for a long time.

We have aimed to preserve the Morrowind feel with each of our NPCs, so you can rest assured none of them will tell you their new DVD player is cool. We plan on releasing merged mods for each region when it is done, and eventually a single mod for all of Vvardenfell. Many NPCs in the towns we replaced now have branching dialogue as well as completely unique responses to topics. Any NPC that is part of a quest still functions as before, but has unique dialogue. For example, you can still rescue Madura for the Imperial Legion despite the Ald Velothi mod, and you can still get quests from the new Neminda in the Ald'ruhn mod.

Many NPCs also have quests attached. We do not like over-powering rewards. Some of those include: healing scrolls, jewelry, a small house in Maar Gan, alchemy knowledge, reputation, and miscellaneous artifacts, all balanced with the quests they are gained from. In addition to that, some new quests are intertwined with the old ones, and of course the old ones are taken into account when each NPC is written.

(Taken from The LGNPC Home Page.)

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Seyda Neen
Ald Velothi
Maar Gan
Gnaar Mok
Hla Oad
Tel Mora
Vivec, Foreign Quarter

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Project Page and Downloads.