God Vivec is the Guardian God-King of the holy land of Vvardenfell, and ever-vigilant protector from the dark gods of Red Mountain, the gate to hell. Though some aspects of his past are blurred by time and questions surround some of his more controversial choices, Vivec has always represented the spirit and duality of the Dunmer people, which is reflected in his half-Dunmer, half-Chimer appearance. For a long time Vivec resides at his pinnacle in his Palace in Vivec, his capital, which is visited by pilgrims for many years.

He is found in the Palace of Vivec, the southernmost canton of his city, which boasts the extensive Puzzle Canal and the Shrine of Vivec. If you enter the palace before the relevant point in the main quest he'll only say:"You have come uninvited. I have nothing to say to you."

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