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Vampire Embrace By Cortex
This is a must get for all vampire players, it allows you to Embrace NPCs and turn them into vampires, as well as many other fetures. Basically it makes you feel as if you are a vampire, rather than a guy that can't walk in the sun.

Vampiric Hunger III By Zennorious
This mod adds blood hunger, scripted sun damage, and many-many other changes for the vampire players to the game. It also makes it so the player isn't know to be a vampire unless the player does something stupid. Requires Vampire Embrace.

Vampire Realism By Jaxalot
Adds many features to being a vampire including scripted sun damage, staking vampires to finish them, and having the player take damage inside of temples.

Diablerie By AlienSlof and Peter
This mod lets you drink other vampires dry using the Vampire Embrace combat feeding feature and gain some of their powers. What you gain depends on the clan of the vampire. However, diablerie comes at a cost. It is shunned by the other vampires, do not expect your clan react friendly to a regular diablerizer. Requires Vampire Embrace and Vampire Hunger III.

Vampric Illusion By AlienSlof and Peter
In Vampiric Hunger III a vampire player is not recognized as vampire by default unless he does something stupid. This mod will let NPCs recognize the player as vampire by default, except he hides his vampiric features using magic or other means. Requires Vampire Hunger III and Vampire Embrace.

Scent of Blood By AlienSlof and Peter
This mod allows your vampire character to tell the clans of other vampires by their scent.

VE Companion Control By AlienSlof and Peter
Control following behaviour of your Vampire Embrace companions with a single keystroke. Tell your children, thralls and slaves to follow you, stay where they are or wander around without the need to open dialog. Requires Vampire Embrace.

Vampiric Regeneration By AlienSlof and Peter
This mod offers a balanced regeneration for vampires based on their blood level from Vampiric Hunger. In addition it changes the blood vials from Vampire Realism to store a dynamic amount of blood instead of the previous 45 points.

VH Bloodreport By Peter
This mod allows you to see your current blood level without the need to be using MGE. Requires Vampire Hunger.

Werewolf Mods Edit

Werewolf Clans of Vvardenfell By Sabregirl
To become a member of a certain clan you need to be infected by a werewolf that is a member of that clan. There are NO quests associated with this mod but each clan has a lair in their home region with services that are only for clan members. You can also talk to the werewolves about their own clan and other clans at high disposition. If you become a known werewolf you can visit your clan's base to have your known werewolf status removed on entry. The new werewolves spawn in their own particular locations in Vvardenfell and solstheim. You’ll find individual werewolves that are normal NPCs during the day and attack you while in werewolf form just like normal Bloodmoon werewolves. YOU CAN become a werewolf and vampire at the same time with this mod with NO messed up head (You'll have to either use the console or use a weakness to common disease spell (since vampires are immune to common diseases) and you must be infected by one of the clans and you must be a vampire first)-however use caution as combining other werewolf and vampire mods may have strange effects-this aspect has not been fully tested...

Sabregirl's Werewolf Mods

All of Sabregirl's Werewolf Mods do this:

   * All give a stat bonus to your human form for being a werewolf
   * All give at least some better rewards for the Bloodmoon werewolf quests
   * All will affect those who choose to use the Werewolf clan mod.
   * ALL make it so that you can become a werewolf before the Bloodmoon main quest and still
   * ALL modify a few NPCs in Vvardenfall to be werewolves these are all in caves. Mostly smugglers
       but a few dreamers are affected. participate in the Bloodmoon werewolf quests.

This mod is a very basic moon phase mod -basically you only have to change to werewolf form when the moon is full AFTER you beat the Bloodmoon main quest. Before you beat the bloodmoon main quest you will change every night.

This mod is also a very basic moon phase mod -basically you only have to change to werewolf form when the moon is full except for the middle of the bloodmoon main quest. Basically if you never touch the bloodmoon main quest you will only change when the moon is full. After you beat the main quest you will only change when the moon is full. Only DURING the main quest will you change every night.

Bloodmoon Werewolf Realism
This mod is the most comprehensive of Sabregirl's werewolf mods. Bloodlust is based on willpower The higher your willpower the less NPCs you need to kill. If your willpower is really high you will not need to kill at all. You can also gain health instantaneously while in werewolf form by killing NPCs. This makes it much easier to play as a werewolf because you do not have to wait for your regeneration spell to heal you. All of the bloodmoon werewolf quests give you better rewards. You only change at the full moon except during the middle of the bloodmoon main quest. A Daggerfall style Hircine ring is included (don't use it with the hircine ring fix mod). There is also a version of this mod that allows you to transform at will by tapping the sneak key, if your charcter is above level 20.

Realism Mods Edit

Necessities of Morrowind
Adds alcohol, food, drinks, etc, and requires you to eat and drink every so often or starve. Also includes an optional sleep requirement.

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