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Adds Giants, Lich, Wraiths, Demons, Giant Scorpions, Skeleton Gladiators and Knights, Flaming Skulls and skeletal hands, Dwemer Spikers, Mech Spiders, Mech Wasps and Golem-Prototypes, Dragons, Dragonlings, Apostates (Beholders), Fire Spurts, Rot Worms, Fire Daedra, Seducers, Shades, Harpies, Zombies, Mummies, Titans, Trolls - Mountain and Cave Trolls, Black Shadows, Imps, Face of the Forest, Frost Elementals, Elder Imps, Ice Imps, Field Haunts - Luminous Ghosts and "Apparitions", Wild Vampires, Vampire Ancients - Ancient Vampire Lords, Spriggans - Earth, Night and Famine, Night Sprites - Frost Sprites, Phantasms, Phantoms, Golems - Ebony, Glass, Earth, Automatons & Colossus, Nymphs (warning: full female nudity used), Giant Skeletons, Giant Spiders, Reiklers, Reaver, Kingpins, Shalk Stalkers, Pack Nix-Hounds, Killer Netch, Sea Devils, and Gorgos.

Over 150 individialy crafted creatures in all!

A Breakthrough! NOCTURNAL monsters!! Now the nights of Morrowind will fill you with DREAD!

Guards attack all Npc-creatures these include Giants, Gorgos, Lich, Seducers, Trolls, Shades, Nymphs, Phantasms, Titans & Vampires.


For the first time animated DISMEMBERMENT!
Several of GIANTS creatures will now decapitate or slice in half when killed!
For the first time ever animated GORE!
Blood will spatter on the ground in real-time!
Cool death animations for Ancient Lich, Seducers, and Shades AND they will finally "drop loot" when they die! Ancient Lich and Seducers can now "TRANSFORM" into other creatures too! Just fight them and see! New sounds added to many previous creatures like; new feet & vocal sounds for Mummies, Golems, Famines and Zombies and "flapping" sounds for flying creatures. Tribunal's creatures now inhabit Vvardenfell!
ALL of GIANTS' skeletal minions will "shatter" pieces of bones that rattle to the ground when killed! New Death animations!
Guards will attack Dark Brotherhood assasins now!

24 new creature species added!
Now uses "Bloodmoon-Style" leveling. This means GIANTS' creatures are no longer more prevasive than Bethesda's. Werwolves will ROAM in Vvardenfell! Two classic GIANTS creatures are now "summonable": Ancient Lich are summonable, you must find "Martyriinn" and his journal somewhere in the Ashlands to find out about the other one! ;-)
Brand new 3d models for Giant Spiders, Imps and Field haunts! New "custom made" weapon models for Vampire Ancients! New "real-time" vocal sounds for classic GIANTS Npc-Monsters!

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