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Mod Description Edit

The durzog armor addon includes 100% original meshes modeled by yours truly. The armor makes use of the durzog texture from the expansion, Tribunal, which means that this armor will need Tribunal to use this mod.

Current Features in Version 1.1:

  • 100% original meshes for all the armor pieces
  • Closed-face helms as well as open-face helms for both genders.
  • Male and female versions of the armor.
  • A quest to acquire the armor.

In The Works for Version 1.2 Final:

  • A new durzog hide shield
  • A custom weapon to fit in with the durzog theme
  • Gauntlets
  • Beast race support.

(Taken from Morrowind Dimensions)

Links Edit

Morrowind Dimensions (Includes info, screenshots, and download)

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