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This mod lets you drink other vampires dry using the Vampire Embrace combat feeding feature and gain some of their powers. What you gain depends on the clan of the vampire. Drink from a Quarra and you will increase your combat skills, drink from a Berne and you might get an insight in stealth, drink from an Aundae to improve your magical abilities.

However, diablerie comes at a cost. It is shunned by the other vampires, do not expect your clan react friendly to a regular diablerizer. Diablerie will affect your humanity and socal interaction skills, and awake the beast within which demands more blood to fuel its hunger.

Installation & Requirements

Required: - Vampire Embrace 2.4 - Vampiric Hunger III 1.1 or 1.2 (only the VH base esp is required)

Recommended: - Scent of Blood 1.2 - Galsiahs Character Development 1.07 or 1.08 - Vampire Realism II

Diablerie.esp must load after all above listed mods.

The MWSE add-on is optional. Install it if you run MWSE anyways. It must load after the Diablerie.esp.

Please note that some features of the diablerie mod have been added into ScentOfBlood version 1.2, so make sure you got the correct version. While this admittedly sounds strange, the reason is simply to avoid the nightmare of script conflicts.


When you drink a vampire dry using combat feeding, diablerie will automatically happen. Diablerie is not to be confused with the temporary ability increases by Vampiric Hunger, which do not demand to drink the victim dry. This still occurs, and does not count as diablerie.

If GCD is not installed, you will gain both skills and attributes from diablerie. Which exactly depends on the clan of the victim. It's really just common sense. Quarra gives combat skills, Aundae magic, Berne stealth. No surprise here. The amount you gain depends on your level and the level of the NPC. If the NPC is lower level than you, you will gain nothing.

If GCD is installed, you will only gain skills. This automatically translates into abilities using the GCD levelling mechanism. If you still want abilities increase even with GCD installed, do: set ps_diab_gcd_attributes to 1 (default 0) Not recommanded, this might be too much. If not running GCD, this setting is ignored; you always gain abilities.

The penalties for diablerie are a decrease in personality, speechcraft and mercantile to reflect the loss of humanity, and a decrease in the VH vampire age value (which translates into more need for blood and more blood usage per time) value to reflect the "beast within" waking up. Basically this will revert you to a powerful but ugly and unsocial vampire freshling if overdone.

Everytime you diablerize, your "diablerie level" (or whatever you call it) increases. This level will decrease slowly over time again. Your fellow clan vampires will highly dislike diablerie. Depending on your diablerie level, they might react unfriendly or even hostile to you. If you change your diablerie habits, they can be forgiven.

As more often you diablerize, as higher the penalties will be. The idea is that occasional diablerie is not punished too much, but regularly munching other vampires *will* have serious negative effects on your character.

The MWSE-Addon will adjust the levels of the three clan leaders to scale with the levels of the ancients from Vampire Realism. In the original game, those three NPCs have a pityful low level, so you would not gain much from diablerizing them.

(Taken from the Diablerie readme.)

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