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At the request of a number of people I am making this available to the public, it was originally designed fo my personal use only.

This mod combines every head and hair plugin that I am aware of that existed prior to 12/01/2003 into a single structured plugin.

This adds the faces and hairs for player use only, it does not change anything in the game.

The only thing in this mod made by me is the hair from my hair packs, everything else here is the property of the awesome artists listed in the credits.


Very big thanks to everyone for the models and textures used. You folks are awesome.

The following artists material is compiled in this mod.

BG- RHedd and Allerleirauh (all)
DD- Daduke
PW- Pseron Wyrd
TF- Texture Freak
AZB- Astarsis
Pae- Paedric
BH- Aedroth's
AM- Amalthea
AZ- Astarsis (all beauty packs)
DS- Arathrax
HK- Hellkitty
SA- Sandra Anderson
RH- Terra (all tatoo packs)
SKZ- Sheikizza
ND- Nomad
GT- Wormgod
Lo- Lora
Zul- Zuldazug (all packs up to and including Imperial Smiths)
DON- Don Salus (face packs 1 & 2)
EB- Manetoba
MR- Mannon
TM- Aedroth
MO- Motoki
FP- Gorg (all hair packs to to date and some new stuff)
ICE- CanadianIce
CY- Cymoril
CRN- Carnithus
EVE- Evereve
ET- Eternum
LIL- Lillia
NOV- Noviere
SH- Severian
Sil- Silaria

If you worked on any of the head packs and I missed you I apologize.

(Taken from mod readme)

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Download v1.0 at
Update patch for v1.0 at