Balmora is the largest city on Vvardenfell after Vivec. Balmora is the district seat for House Hlaalu, and center of trade in the nearby regions.

Balmora (Stonewood in Dunmeri) is often the first stop for new players after Seyda Neen offering many places for a new adventurer to start. In fact, the start of the main quest is located in the east of Balmora, Caius Cosades' house.

Balmora is also the place that most players join the guild or guilds of their choice; The Fighters' Guild and The Mages' Guild are right next to each other in the middle of the town "High Street". The Thieves' Guild operatives are found within the South Wall Cornerclub found in the south-east of town. Balmora also has a Temple, quarters of the Great House Hlaalu, a Morag Tong Guildhall and, to the east, the Imperial fort of Moonmoth.

Balmora is a good shopping town as well, as there is an armoury, a clothier, apothecary, bookstore, and an out-fitter, along with various residential homes. In fact, the town comes with two homes designed for the player as the occupant: players slay an orc in a mission for The Fighters' Guild, and in a side quest they need to investigate a murder in a manor.

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