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More than two years in the making, I believe this to be a masterpiece; and a clean one at that. Assassins Armory, contrary to the name, is suitable for all types of characters. A large number of meticulously constructed high quality (Bethesda standard or better) weapons have been added to the game and with most of them a defensive partner. What makes these defensive weapons different from a shield is that you block with a combination of your Block skill and the appropriate weapon skill. All items are distributed in the same fashion as normal Morrowind weapons and are very well balanced, tested, and then tested again. Assassins Armory contains more than 100 new models and has no known incompatibilities (tested with 100's of mods).

New in V7.5!

All contents have been drastically rebalanced. Defensive weapons, for example, now bear a much lower defensive rating. Additional esp's have been added, one of which activates the bolt rifles(default off; it adds them to the game) and the other removes the scripts in order to allow better performance(lower end proscessors will now receive no performance hit). May of the textures have been revamped and now look a damned sight better than any other weapons I've seen. Models from the WeaponMasters WeaponPack have been added, replacing some and adding new weapons. About 10 new weapons using these models have been added.

This is a list of the weapons added and distributed throughout the game. Items with an asterix (*) next to them have a defensive partner also in the game (referred to as a reinforced weapon. For example a Defensive Gold Katana is called a Reinforced Gold Katana). Some weapons already existing in the game now have partners and are listed here. Items marked with a (+) have simply been given a new model and items marked with a (-) are of defensive form only:

Ebony War Axe*
Ebony Dai-Katana
Ancient Gold Flamberge
Ancient Glass Kris
Adamantium Battle-Axe
Glass Double Katana (Based on a Model by of KTX)
Glass Dai-Katana (Based on a Model by of KTX)
Glass Kama*
Glass Katana* (Based on a Model by of KTX)
Glass Sickle* (Based on a Model by of KTX)
Glass Wakizashi* (Based on a Model by of KTX)
Glass Wrist-Scythe*
Ornate Gold Dai-Katana
Ornate Gold Ceremonial Katana
Ornate Gold Claymore
Ornate Gold Katana*
Ornate Gold Harvesting Scythe
Ornate Gold Wrist-Scythe*
Ornate Sacrificial Dagger*
Steel Double Katana (Based on a Model by of KTX)
Steel Kama*
Steel Katana*
Steel Sickle*
Steel Wrist-Scythe*
Steel Sai*
Steel Harvesting Scythe
Steel Scimitar*
Silver Sai*
Silver Kris
Silver Battle-Axe
Silver Dagashi
Silver Rapier
Daedric War Axe*
Daedric Wakizashi*+ (Original Model Courtesy of KTX)
Daedric Katana*+ (Original Model Courtesy of KTX)
Daedric Dai-Katana+ (Original Model Courtesy of KTX)
Iron War Axe*
Fine Rapier (Original Model Courtesy of KTX)
Traditional Silver Rapier
Traditional Silver Dagger-
Bastard Swords (Many kinds)

Marksman Weapons:

Heavy Crossbow War Bow Dwarven Bolt Rifle Dwarven Elitist Rifle

Optional in (Separate ESP File); Arrows with Particle Effects (A Huge Thanks to WormGod):

Flame Arrow Frost Arrow Shock Arrow Poison Arrow

The following Armor is also included in this plugin (excluding defensive weapons of course):

Nordic Fur (the entire set has had its texture increased in detail) Dark Brotherhood Marksman’s Helm

(Taken from the Assassin's Armory Readme)

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