Armorer skill is used to maintain weapons and armor at top effectiveness. Worn weapons do less damage. Worn armor provides less protection against attacks. As wear increases, the diminishing effectiveness of weapons and armor is dramatic.

This skill is is about how effective you are a repairing your damage to your weapons and armor. To repair an item you need a armorer's hammer, they come in all different types of quality. If you don't have the right skill to repair something you can get a Blacksmith and pay them to do the repairs. It is cheaper for you to buy hammer and do it your self than it is to get a blacksmith to do it for you. All Fighters Guild equipment chests have restocking supplies of armorer's hammers.


Tool Weight Value Quality Use
Repair Prongs 2.50 6 0.5 25
Apprentice's Armorer's Hammer 4.00 10 0.8 20
Journeyman's Armorer's Hammer 3.00 20 1.0 20
Master's Armorer's Hammer 2.00 50 1.3 10
GrandMaster's Armorer's Hammer 1.00 100 1.7 10
Sirollus Saccus' Hammer 1.00 200 2.0 10